By the way Mr. John Schupp, owner of Sci-Techz, didn't even offer complimentary oil changes( after all they are a repair shop) or even an apology for all the problems his shop caused me. Even my carwash, Waterways, gave me courtesy coupons For the most expensive carwash"the whole thing" for a very small problem.

5 Grandview 4/25/2017

Please Please DO NOT take your car to Sci-Tech. YOU ARE AT RISK!!!!!! I Took my car in for a simple inspection and left with no car. They did not secure my car on the rack causing it to crash onto the concrete floor on its side. It was then dragged out on the side causing more damage. I was initially refused a rental car by Ari then given a very small car that further injured my back to the point I couldn't walk. The stress and injury to my back caused me to miss SEVERAL days of work. My car was purchased as new and maintained in pristine condition and would have been a vehicle I could keep for many years yo come. The owner of both locations John Schupp refused to take full responsibility for this situation and the horrible problems this has caused me. If there is a PROBLEM ....good luck !! Sci Tech does not stand behind their customers even when their employees total your car and now you are with no car. You walk in their shop WITH a perfect car and you walk out with NO car at all.

0.5 Grandview 4/25/2017

I have enjoyed nothing but excellent service at SciTech Automotive Services. The proprietor, Ari, (he is so personable that I don't even know his last name), is way cool and goes out of his way to give you excellent service. If your car is a piece of crap and you shouldn't spend any more money repairing it, Ari will tell you so regardless of whether or not it means he may lose a service sell or not. That, to me, is integrity. I will continue to have my vehicles serviced or at least evaluated by Ari at SciTech in Grandview, MO. Denise R.

5 Grandview 4/21/2017

I've used Sci Tech for the last several years, & have been so pleased with the level of service I have received! They've kept my car running, & I wouldn't go anywhere else!

5 Grandview 4/12/2017

I've have always had excellent honest service from this establishment and I recommend it to everyone I know

5 Grandview 4/4/2017

Great service and extremely timely! I will definitely return for further services when needed!

5 Raytown 4/3/2017

Professional, trustworthy and prompt - what more could you want from a repair shop!

5 Grandview 4/1/2017

Always ready to help whenever I need it and gets to the vehicle fast

5 Grandview 3/28/2017

I love this place! They have been working on my car now for 2 years and I would trust anyone else to do my car. Very professional and they take their time to figure out the problem. Thanks guys for all your hard work! Can't forget the lady at the front desk as well. You all are awesome!

5 Raytown 3/28/2017

Great experience ,found everything that was wrong with my 2011 Rado,kept me updated with 33 point insp texts.& I'm sure u saved me from killing or injuring other drivers due to my shot brakes ,new brakes whole kit on the back .These guys know their $#!+ +gave me a discount for being a AAA member = Another Satisfied Customer 5* Jason Arnett

5 Raytown 3/27/2017